Improved health and safety culture

This specific module allows you to take a proactive approach, promoting participation and leading to an improved health and safety culture throughout the business.

New legislation means responsibility for health and safety is no longer confined to just a few individuals. Assura makes it easy for your entire team to actively report concerns, unsafe practices and make suggestions.

From a business perspective it is important to understand what is causing people concern and act accordingly. Such an approach shows that you listen and place importance on their safety and wellbeing – you are not just ‘ticking boxes’.

This inevitably leads to increased staff engagement, loyalty and dedication to the job.

When staff have the right tools at their fingertips they are more inclined to identify concerns and unsafe practices, which helps eliminate the issue of under-reporting.

Identify potential hazards 

We arm you with the tools to identify and manage hazards that might have otherwise gone unnoticed, until an accident happens and the opportunity for minimising risk is lost.

The safety concern or hazard is assigned to the appropriate person for resolution.