Identify the key health and safety issues within your organisation

Hazard reporting is an important step in developing a risk profile – one that provides valuable insight into potential incidents and what preventative measures need to be put in place.

A risk profile is the starting point for determining the key health and safety issues within your company, ensuring the right hazards have been identified and then ranked in order of priority.

This includes subsequent control measures.

Manage hazards at each stage of their lifecycle

Whether permanent or temporary, hazards can be managed at each stage of their lifecycle due to Assura’s intuitive workflow platform. Once the hazard is logged, Assura’s workflow engine takes over by alerting the appropriate people and ensuring reports are managed consistently and appropriately.

You are also notified when hazards should be reviewed, and what controls need to be implemented to minimise the risk of future harm.

Configured to your needs

A comprehensive hazard register is developed, which can be configured to different locations and industries. Assura software can be easily and accurately matched to your organisation’s existing processes and adapted in-house to accommodate future legislation or procedural changes – without lengthy or costly IT upgrades.

We understand that individual businesses have different risk profiles, and therefore different requirements from their health and safety systems. The flexibility of Assura means you don’t have to comply with a ‘one size fits all’ solution as we tailor the software to meet your needs.