Everyone has a role to play

A key element to effective health and safety management is ensuring that all staff are aware of their responsibilities and have the correct tools to not only report issues, but also address them.

Assura software assigns actions to individual workers, sending them email notifications when something needs to be done.

Likewise, if an injury occurs staff can send immediate notifications to the right people who will then put an action plan in place. Everyone is kept up-to-date and informed at all times.


Configured to your requirements

Each business will have its own processes and systems in place, and Assura software can be configured accordingly.

Notifications can also be triggered from specific dates or timeframes. For example, you can easily set-up a reminder email to notify a specific team member when a license renewal is required.

Increase accountability

When a staff member is assigned a task, nominated people are alerted when it has been completed – or not completed, depending on your requirements. This not only increases visibility, but also drives accountability at all levels of the organisation.