Accessible on any mobile device

A key challenge of health and safety is ensuring all events and observations, no matter how minor, are reported.

The Assura portal can be accessed easily on any mobile device and incidents can be reported in real-time without delay. For example, on a large construction site workers no longer have to drop tools and report an incident to the site manager – they can simply record the details into the Assura mobile app then and there.

As a result staff are more inclined to report all incidents, therefore minimising the issue of under-reporting and leading to more onsite awareness and learning.

The mobile app also allows staff and management to view relevant emergency plans and hazards in the field, arming them with the knowledge to keep them safe.

Increased productivity

Significant savings in time and money can be made with Assura Health and Safety. Your team have the tools to easily report incidents or observations without having to manually enter complex data. This leaves them free to get on with the job and more time can spent on high value tasks or core business activities.

Information is loaded into one place easily, providing a centralised database that doesnt lead to a blurred picture at the end of day.  Inefficiencies that come from complex spreadsheets or paper-based health and safety systems are removed.