Everything is in its place

Assura’s workflow platform allows you to schedule regular inspections of equipment, plant and workplaces – ensuring compliance and regulatory obligations are met and nothing falls through the cracks.

For example, you might want to arrange a weekly walk-through of the factory or ensure a certain piece of machinery is inspected on a monthly basis. All of this is made easy with Assura.

It is important to conduct regular workplace inspections to identify potential hazards and put in place necessary actions before an accident occurs.


Simplifying the audit process

Assura Health and Safety can be used to schedule and manage all of your audits – from internal safety inspections to formal external audits. The intuitive software takes you from the initial planning stage right through to completion.

Subsequent recommendations and improvements are captured and managed at various levels of the business.

Gauge your company’s level of compliance through automated reports that provide a comprehensive overview.

Email notifications

Notifications are set to ensure the escalation of any audit or inspection that is not completed, or any actions that are outstanding.


Assura Health and Safety software can be configured to meet your individual requirements. We appreciate that each business has different inspection and audit obligations, and our flexible platform reflects this.