Do more than simply meet your compliance responsibilities. Take the initiative with Assura Health and Safety Software.

Current legislation means workplace health and safety is now firmly on the agenda of all business owners. The focus has shifted from just monitoring and recording to proactively identifying and managing risks – and everyone has a role to play.

But it doesn’t have to be costly or complex.

We believe that safety is about leadership – not legislation. Smart businesses naturally comply with regulations for the good of their people, rather than to tick a box. Assura helps you achieve this goal by making it simple for people to identify and report issues, and resolve them together.

Real-time reporting

Assura’s Health and Safety software is designed to be used by anyone, anywhere. Staff are encouraged to enter all safety concerns, observations and incidents by using the Assura portal or mobile app. The field-based system ensures staff can easily access it from any mobile device, leading to increased reporting and greater onsite awareness.

When detail is needed, the system uses an automated, simple interface to provide quality reporting for a complete picture of your health and safety activity across the business.

Intuitive Workflow

Senior leaders and management are provided with a centralised overview of the company’s health and safety performance, while employees have the tools to intuitively and easily take responsibility for their own safety.

Assura’s workflow-based system helps you decentralise health and safety activity in your business. Activity and risk is assigned to individuals as processes and hazards move through their lifecycles. This ensures a consistent approach and that the appropriate actions are completed.

Flexibility with your existing systems

Assura is configured to match your business requirements and existing processes. The software is also easily adapted to your changing needs, or in response to any changes to health and safety legislation.

The same platform can also run effortlessly right across your business in areas such as environmental management, human resources or production.

Increased visibility

With the onus on managers and company directors to keep workers safe, Assura Health and Safety reports make sure you have the essential data at your fingertips so you can make informed decisions.

If required, some information can be kept confidential, with access granted only to those with the appropriate permissions.

Deal with the experts

When it comes to business systems, we know that simplicity is key. As well as software experts, the Assura team are effective communicators. Our team are easy to talk with and, working together, we can provide the solutions you need. We’ve been doing this for more than 25 years, which is how we know that our solutions work to enable better health and safety and reduce the risks of harm to your people.

Assura will help you manage a large number of health and safety related procedures, including:

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    Risk and hazard management

    Create a risk profile that identifies and efficiently manages hazards within your organisation Read More

  • Connector.

    Event and incident management

    When an event does occur, it’s important that the correct investigations and processes are in place to prevent it happening again Read More

  • Connector.

    Safety observations

    Encourage staff to take responsibility for their own health and safety by providing an easy way to identify and report safety concerns, good practices and suggestions Read More

  • Connector.

    Action management

    Ensure the correct actions are taken by the right people, at the right time Read More

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    Equipment registers

    Keep a detailed record of all equipment, including when it needs to be tested or replaced Read More

  • Connector.

    Contractor management

    Ensure you understand the potential risk contractors bring to your site, and manage their qualifications and competencies for allocated tasks Read More

  • Connector.

    Training management

    Keep on top of staff training requirements and when they need renewing Read More

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    Capture and record incidents as they happen Read More

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    Inspections and audits

    Schedule and manage all internal and external audits Read More

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    Safety Meetings

    Periodically review places of work and make improvements to hazards, emergency processes, policies and procedures Read More

  • Connector.

    Document and Knowledge Management

    Ensures that key safety documents, policies and procedures are maintained in a central database Read More

  • Connector.

    Job Management

    Keep track of what has been done and document your chosen control measures in one centralised portal Read More

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    Notifications and Escalations

    Increase visibility and ensure nothing falls through the cracks Read More

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