White paper – Lord of the risk

Click Here to Download our white paper to understand how information technology can be applied to make company owners and directors ‘lords’ of health and safety risk.

Learn about:

  • why directors need to be aware of the health and safety issues inherent in their business
  • how software systems can help your company manage risk and deliver real change
  • how to take the initiative and increase visibility of health and safety procedures or ‘workflows’ across your company

Is ignoring the law your best protection?

Click here to Download our white paper to understand how to make genuine, sustained improvement to your health and safety record, rather than simply complying with new legislation.

Learn about:

  • Why we need to improve our health and safety statistics,
  • Why this is easier said than done and,
  • Two key actions to deliver sustained health and safety improvement

Guide: Taking the initiative on health And safety

Click here to Download this guide to understand why simply complying with the new Health and Safety at Work Act is not enough.

You will understand more about:

  • Why employer responsibility for health and safety will fundamentally change
    the implications for directors and business owners
  • How you can take the initiative and actually use health and safety as a way to improve your business

Building a business case for health and safety

Click here to Download this guide to building a business case for health and safety.

Learn about:

In broad terms, Health & Safety programmes have two key parts. Firstly they serve to identify risks and hazards, and secondly they introduce strategies to minimise and control those risks. The end result is an environment where staff are exposed to less risk and are able to operate confidently and efficiently. This article highlights issues which take place within the health and safety environment, and how you can save money, streamline processes and increase efficiency in your business.