Record and track incidents 

Assura Health and Safety provides you with the tools to easily record and report on events, while managing them through to an appropriate resolution.

Relevant actions are assigned and tracked using our workflow engine, meaning they are managed consistently and nothing falls off your radar or is lost in translation. All processes are recorded and integrated into one comprehensive portal.

Produce detailed reports

A wide range of incidents can be reported, including accidents, near misses and pain and discomfort. Once it is logged in the system the incident is assigned to the appropriate person or department to manage further investigation.

The subsequent event outcomes, including injury management, return to work, property damage and environmental impact, are recorded. Relevant agencies are identified and corrective action plans are put in place, with opportunities for future review.

Learn and prevent future incidents

One of the most important steps an organisation can take in terms of health and safety is learning from its mistakes and making sure that an incident is not repeated.

Assura Health and Safety can help you identify root causes and put in place increased measures at various levels of the business.