Community Support

Assura is proud to support Ronald McDonald House South Island (RMHSI) in meeting its unique health and safety requirements – allowing the organisation and its volunteers to get on with the important job of assisting  New Zealand families with children in need of hospital care. 

Ronald McDonald House South Island provides free accommodation and support to families who need to travel to Christchurch for their child’s hospital care. This can include:

  • Families of babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
  • Pregnant women, and their families, experiencing high-risk pregnancies.
  • Families of children recieving mental health treatment.
  • Families of children recieving cancer treatment.
  • Families of children with serious injuries.
  • Families of children undergoing surgery.

The ‘home away from home’ is located just a few minutes walk from Christchurch Hospital, and is supported by a core staff, a dedicated board and hundreds of volunteers.

New health and safety legislation brought into effect in 2015 meant the organisation had to rethink its existing paper-based system in order to remain compliant. With volunteers, staff and families onsite everyday, it was important to ensure that an efficient and intuitive reporting system was introduced.

Assura worked with RMHSI staff and management to introduce an automated health and safety system that met the organisation’s unique needs.

“When the new health and safety changes were being proposed, we did have some concerns about how that might impact us and what we might need to do – especially considering the number of volunteers we have,” says RMHSI chief executive Matthew Mark.

“But it was great to work with Assura as it was immediately obvious they had our best interests at heart. Health and safety challenges were identified and solutions put in place to meet and even exceed our compliance obligations.”

RMHSI Health and Safety Manager Zucchi Leonard uses the Assura platform on a daily basis, keeping track of all safety concerns and incidents as they happen.

“Beforehand it was quite a time-consuming process of manual data entry and printing off copious amounts of paper that would often end up not being actioned in the appropriate manner,” says Zucchi.

“Thankfully, now we have a great programme that ensures we are following the new protocols and procedures correctly – essentially removing the onerous aspects of health and safety and allowing us to concentrate on daily operations and supporting our families.”

Assura Sales Consultant Lucy West worked with the RMHSI team to identify health and safety challenges and improve existing processes.

“As a result of the new legislation,  Ronald McDonald House South Island is required to ensure the health and safety of its volunteers as if they were any other employee,” says Lucy.

“This means providing relevant training, instruction or supervision needed to undertake their work safely.

“Assura’s Health and Safety platform has been configured to the unique needs of RMHSI, helping the organisation to fulfil its obligations while promoting a culture of care and responsibility.”

Assura’s powerful reporting tool also allows staff to view a monthly snapshot of incidents that can be presented at board meetings – providing a centralised overview that wasn’t available previously.

This makes sure that the health and safety information is available to all, and staff can work together on any enhancements or newly-identified hazards.

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