Assura Workflow Management

Our Workflow software is to business efficiency what a Swiss army knife was to MacGyverHamish Howard, MD of Assura Software

The difference with Assura is that we don’t just work with the technology – we work with you.

For more than 25 years Assura Workflow has provided world-class solutions to a wide range of clients, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry of Education and MWH Global.

Workflow automation is about streamlining manual and paper-based business processes, we are renowned for simplifying what can sometimes seem a daunting and technical process.

Our team takes the time to learn about your business and work with you to deliver an optimal outcome – appreciating that innovative solutions are not the result of a ‘one-size fits all’ approach.

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    Achieve increased productivity

    Improved collaboration between people and departments, streamlined processes, fewer errors, shorter response times and less manual intervention are all productivity gains to be made with Assura Workflow.

    Our automated workflow software is transforming the way companies operate. It facilitates the rapid flow of information through a business, breaking down barriers between people and processes and allowing you to stay on top of changing market needs.

    Ultimately, this means less time bogged down in paper-based processes and more time to focus on higher value tasks.

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    Configured to your business

    Assura delivers an intuitive platform that is easily adaptable to different industries, situations and contexts.

    We focus on understanding the everyday operational requirements and applications of your business, and use this insight to configure the software accordingly.

    Just as your business may grow and change, so will your system needs. Assura Workflow provides the flexibility needed to handle any future procedural changes – what’s more, these adaptations can easily be made by you in-house without delay. We simply provide the tools and the know-how.

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    Greater transparency

    Assura Workflow provides a global overview of your organisation and what is happening at any one time. You have the tools at hand to quickly respond to customer needs and industry conditions, along with instant access to relevant policy, guidelines and advice.

    A record is kept of all activities, and the right information can be accessed by the right people at the right time.

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    Keeping it simple

    Here at Assura we like to keep things simple. That means less of the ‘geek speak’ and more of the practical tools and knowledge that allow you to focus on the things that matter.

    The systems we develop are intuitive and not complex – it is our aim to ensure you can easily use the technology on a daily basis without requiring costly IT upgrades and support.

See how these companies used Assura Workflow to streamline their processes:

Family Planning builds tailor-made events register with Assura Workflow

The ability for customers to configure the Assura system in-house allowed Family Planning to create their own Reportable Events Register. This allows anyone within the organisation to report events and for each event to be investigated and resolved by appropriate Family Planning staff.

IT Manager Simon Crumpton says: “With a little guidance from the team at Assura, we have managed to build a custom reportable events system without huge development costs and which is flexible enough to manage system changes without further investment.

“Its ability to integrate with existing SQL Reporting Services is a huge win for the organisation, allowing us to generate meaningful reports which can be combined with information from other areas of the business.”

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Palmerston North City Council’s award winning workflow system

When Palmerston North City Council got together with the local Horizons Regional Council to create an amalgamated contact centre, they realised each had more than 100 types of ‘Request for Service’ forms.

To address this challenge and work through further complexity, the Palmerston North City Council chose Assura to help facilitate and sort through a myriad of existing processes.  Staff now had a raft of information at their fingertips and could resolve 92 per cent of customer queries at the first point of contact. The result was an award-winning system that exceeded expectations and satisfied the needs of the citizens the Council served.

“Assura delivered,” said Palmerston North City Council representative Mike Manson “…and we were able to configure it to suit our processes in a matter of minutes.”

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Reinstatement of systems in the wake of major events

In the aftermath of a series of devastating earthquakes, MWH worked with Assura to adapt their Earthquake Reinstatement Management System (CRMS), meaning MWH’s 180 staff could quickly respond, satisfy the needs of insurance clients,  and then efficiently play their part in speeding up the Canterbury rebuild.

Rebuild and repair works as well as on-going liaison with claimants, property residents and owners were all handled by the CRMS. It managed workflow processes, project milestones, invoices and contract management, and generated activity reports for both clients and stakeholders.

“The rapid design and deployment of this specially-tailored data system ensured that we were able to not only manage our reinstatement capability,” said Grant Boore, MWH Programme Services Manager, “But also report accurately our progress to the client.”

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